24 Dec

It was a rather busy week job wise but still managed to spin my daily batch, however I had no time left to write anything about it. It isn't ideal because I like to write down my thoughts about the wool as I spin it but I will do my best to describe the fleeces I spun during the last 4 Advent days.

The Gotland wool was not new to me, I already spun about 800g before this and it is more or less the same if not cleaner. This Swedish breed is the most common up there and this wool  is definitely better combed than the one I had carded myself a couple of years ago. I even knit a dog jumper using the first batch I spun.

Next was a surprisingly smooth fleece of Manx Loaghtan - 21 microns, the rare breed from the Isle of Man featuring on the cover. The colour is moorit and it is very fluffy and smooth, too bad I can't put it in the shawl I plan to start as soon as I'm done writing. It just doesn't go with the pattern.

The Merino and Mohair were an absolute dream to spin. The Merino is so far the fluffiest and the Mohair the most luxurious. Compared to the Mohair I previously spun and dyed this one isn't itchy. I even got it from the same supplier so I don't know what to say about the quality discrepancy. I will include them both in the shawl I will cast on today.

All skeins have been soaked, smacked (yes, I smack the skein against a wall so the yarn gets a fixed shape) and dried. They do look different afterwards. 

The final selection surrounded by the appropriate needle size to start knitting the Laulu shawl by my favourite Finnish knitting designer - Sari Norlund. 

It's been a busy month of December with all this spinning,  working a full time job and travelling to visit family and friends. 

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas full of love and peace. My Advent spinning being complete, I can look forward to one full week of vacation with knitting the fruits of my spinning, walking in the woods and reading the books I brought with me.

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