03 Dec

The Rhönschaf is a breed that comes from the Rhön region in Germany and belongs to one of the oldest German sheep breeds. It has been declared "Endangered Livestock Breed of the Year" in 1991 by the Society for the Preservation of Old and Endangered Domestic Animal Breeds (GEH)

The High Diocese of Fulda describes the sheep as "yellow-white with a black head without horns, carries a coarse, little curled, little elastic wool, is of large build, strong-boned and of great fattening ability."

The following three pictures show it how I got the wool in the package and how full of vegetable matter the it was. It took me about an hour to clean as best I could 

After this lengthy preparation I finally got to spin it and was very surprised to find it very soft and airy. I love the end result.

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