06 Dec

The white mountain sheep is bread in the Alps – the place of origin is Bavaria and it is a crossing between the Stone Sheep from the Tirol region and the north Italian Bergamasc Sheep. It is presently endangered.

The fleece had lots of vegetable matter and all sorts of impurities left, I had to pre-clean it by picking the biggest pieces out. It felt like it was not sorted properly and small staples were also included. The fingers felt full of dust after spinning and below you can see a picture of my leg where I kept the fleece while I was spinning it. It is a coarse wool (32-36 microns), definitely not something I would wear next to my skin. 

I spun it very fast because I didn’t really take pleasure in touching the wool.  It was provided by Wollschaaarf, a family owned business between Berlin and Dresden where I usually buy wool for spinning. The end result is still decent :)

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