20 Dec

We travelled and visited friends over the weekend which means I spun the Alpaca and the Polwarth on Sunday evening. They are incredibly fine wools, the Alpaca more drapey and the Polwarth more fluffy. 

I am short on time, therefore I will not go into detail on the breeds but rather show you a quick overview of the fleeces and the yarns I obtained:

The Alpaca I place somewhere at a minimum of 20 microns:

...and the Polwarth has between 20-24 microns, feels amazing to touch it:

Today I finished spinning the Zwartbless and the wool is deceivingly soft, it is rougher once spun, the texture being comparable to the Shetland. It has 32 microns and a nice chocolate colour:

Finally I spun the Suffolk, it is also of a fineness of 31-34 microns, I definitely felt it a bit rougher than the Zwartbless, but very airy and easy to spin. The vegetable matter in this one was evident but manageable during spinning. I forgot to take a picture of the wool before spinning - it had a rustic look.

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