02 Dec

Probably the cutest sheep in the world. The helical shaped horns and black face surrounded by a bunch of white curly fluff is what makes them so dang adorable. Since they are very gentle, they make for wonderful pets if you can provide them the necessary space. The wool is coarse - 38 microns and a 10 cm staple length. Since I just finished spinning it, all I can say is that I am totally in love with its fluffiness, waxy texture and smell. 

Compared to the Skudde wool I spun yesterday which was downright sticky and pretty uncomfortable to draft, this is waxy and doesn't feel like I want to wash my hands after I finish working with it. I kinda want to keep that feeling going. This is definitely a wool I want to spin again and make something bigger out of. The only question now is do I ply it in 2 or 3? I think I could make some mittens out of it that would be good to make snow balls with without getting wet. I guess I will keep this on the bobbin until I can make a clear decision. 

How nice it is that at the end of 24 days I get to mix and match the different yarns I made!

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