08 Dec

The breed originates from the Friesland area in Northern Germany and Holland. The main use of the sheep is dairy as the name suggests, and the wool has a staple length of maximum 16 cm and between 32-38 microns. 

Spinning it was an average experience, I enjoyed spinning the Lincoln yesterday much better. This fleece had little blobs that made the resulting single pretty irregular. Though the Lincoln is supposed to be coarser I felt it more like a smooth merino compared ti the Friesian Milk Sheep.

For the first time I timed my work of spinning the wool, plying it and writing about it - it takes a plain two and a half hours to do everything properly. The fact that I do this every day for the full Advent period is a huge commitment and I am really happy for it. 

By Christmas time I will know exactly how I want to combine my yarns. I might already have a pattern in mind, stay tuned for more. 

I heard the Friesian Milk Sheep doesn't make baaah-baaaah but instead Otto-Otto (the famous comedy actor Otto Waalkes is from Friesland).

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