The workshop lasts for 2 hours, includes 20 g of wool and is done one on one. Feel free to contact us using the contact form so we agree together on a date and a time and make sure to make the purchase before the workshop. This will only be valid for the agreed date, you will receive a ticket via email which will include your payment details and the workshop date, time and location.

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     Making one's own yarn is so satisfying. A Dutch lady from a spinning guild in Scotland told me back in 2019 that once you start spinning your own yarn you will never buy yarn again. So I got myself a wheel. It's very true I don't need more yarn as I have enough hand spun right now to knit a variety of things for an entire family, but I do like buying other yarns as well. There is room for improving my spinning skills, so who knows? If right now she is half right in 10 years her prophecy might even be fulfilled.

     Whoever knit or spun anything knows that you don't do this to obtain a cheaper garment. This might have been the case before the Industrial Revolution but now we are merely looking for the meditative aspect of the activity combined with the satisfaction of being in control of the entire production process of a sweater, from fleece to garment. The materials are not cheap and the time invested can't possibly be remunerated, which makes this instead of a necessity, pure passion. 

     There are not many things around me I fully understand, but I do understand how my spinning wheel makes the yarn and the secrets of the knit and the purl. When I see my hand woven table runner on the living room table and feel the sweater I am wearing giving me warmth I feel deeply connected to the objects around me because I made them with my own hands and I understand them to the tiniest detail. 

     Join me on this comprehensive workshop on the twist of wool, and learn how to spin and ply your yarn.