Single pointed Ginger needles are ideal for those who prefer knitting flat projects with straight needles. These needles are available in 3 lengths and a full range of sizes. Ginger single point needles come in a richly coloured warm laminated birchwood that has a traditional look and feel. The tapered points are smoothly honed to perfection for easy knitting and stitch pick ups, too!

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  • 3 mm
  • 3,5 mm
  • 4 mm
  • 4,5 mm
  • 5 mm
  • 5,5 mm
  • 6 mm
  • 6,5 mm
  • 8 mm

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 We offer these needles at their maximum length of 35 mm. If you are looking to buy shorter ones, i.e. 25 cm or 30 cm please request it by using the contact form.

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